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Chuck Wolf: Periodized Program Hybrid Models

Chuck Wolf discusses adding movement variability to the phases of a comprehensive periodized program.

Byron Chandler: Periodization

Train all out. Recuperate. Repeat . . . The word “Periodization” gets thrown around a lot. This primer will give you a great understanding of when and where it works and just how si...

the-system periodization book

Training Cycle Principles

Excerpted from Chapter Four of The System, authors Johnny Parker, Al Miller, Rob Panariello and Jeremy Hall introduce their idea of systematic program design.

the-system periodization book

The System: Foreword

Coach Dan Reeves gives us a glimpse at the work of coaches Johnny Parker and Al Miller, who, with Rob Panariello and Jeremy Hall, wrote The System, the ultimate guide to periodization.

the-system periodization book

Frequency of Training

Frequency of Training: Success in training comes down to building recovery into the program from the beginning. Is this a factor in your workout programming?

Models of Periodization

The data, the books and your experience all tell you that periodization works to maximize the performance of your athletes. But are you using the most effective model of periodization f...

the-system periodization book

Johnny Parker, Al Miller & Rob Panariello

In The System, the authors lay the foundation for a scientifically based, field-tested, and effective system of training using periodization with sport athletes for both strength and co...

Brian Gwaltney: The Tangential Model of Periodization

How would an engineer look at strength and conditioning? Brian Gwaltney uses a unique background to look at how theories of periodization work out in real life.

Mike Prevost: Resistance Training Repetition Schemes and Their Applications

The complexity of resistance training programming is best approached by breaking down the lift into its systems. How many reps with how much weight? The answer is probably simpler than ...

Adjusting a workout program, Vince McConnell

Vince McConnell: The Best Damn Training Program, Period (Relatively Speaking)

There are two key words omitted from any advice on the best training program that are absolutely essential: “Relatively speaking.” It's all in finding what your body needs to respon...