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Guy Massi: Differentiated Instruction, Learning Styles and Learning Disorders

In this informative primer on learning styles and learning disorders, Guy Massi gives you tips on being more aware of your client’s learning needs as par...

Josh Hillis: The Fat Loss Happens on Monday Coaching System

Josh Hillis provides details and guidance on coaching for fat loss, including why the habit-based approach of coaching how to eat, instead of what to eat, is so effective.

Mike Boyle: How to Build a Successful Training Business

Mike Boyle gives you an indispensable primer covering the oft-overlooked basics of building a successful training business.

Chip Conrad: Goal Setting, Level One

What is motivating your clients? Will it keep them motivated? Chip Conrad explains why discerning their motivation is the first step of setting realistic goals.

Chris Holder: Coaching with Confidence to Share Knowledge and Experience

Chris Holder reflects on 20 years of collegiate strength coaching experience and provides wisdom and guidance regarding knowledge, communication and building positive relationships with...

Thom Plummer: The Training Business Has Changed

What was the goal in 1995? Get them big. That has changed. In this short video clip, Thom Plummer names the number one quality he looks for when hiring a head trainer and discusses the ...

Attract a Steady Stream of New Clients Using Facebook Ads

Need more clients? Read this article to learn how to get more Getting a steady stream quality leads is big challenge for many businesses. And yet, it remains an essential element of run...