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Byron Chandler: Developing Chinning Ability

The traditional notion has always been that rows build thickness and chins build width. In reality, nothing can beat chinning for the lats . . . period. Le...

Sue Falsone: Scapula, Shoulder and Cervical Thoracic Junction Drill

Your clients likely carry tension in their shoulders, where it’s hard to manually relax them without activating something else. Try this simple drill from Sue Falsone to get them to l...

Anna Folckomer: Winged Scapula and the Serratus

Does your client or patient have a winged scapula? Check and see what their core is doing.

Sue Falsone: Scapular Stabilizers

As Sue Falsone ‘dissects’ the scapular stabilizers, you’ll learn why she believes the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder should be looked at from a mobility viewpoint rather than...

shoulder tightness due to thoracic tightness Sue Falsone

Sue Falsone: What to Look for before Shoulder Stretching

Shoulder stretching may not be for all clients and patients. Sue Falsone discusses the issues that stretching can cause for some individuals lacking end-range shoulder mobility.


Evan Osar: Pushing Patterns – Forward Shoulder Posture, Part III

Evan Osar continues his in-depth study by demonstrating the integration of optimal shoulder mechanics into common pushing patterns. His exercises and cues will ensure that your client...

Evan Osar drill for shoulder stabilization

Evan Osar: Forward Shoulder Posture and Scapular Retraction Exercises, Part II

Evan Osar continues his discussion on scapular retraction exercises for clients with forward shoulder posture and demonstrates how to integrate optimal shoulder alignment and control in...

Evan Osar drill for shoulder stabilization

Evan Osar: Forward Shoulder Posture and Scapular Retraction Exercises

Scapular retraction exercises are the go-to corrective for forward shoulder posture, but Evan Osar rethinks that logic in an article that covers optimal scapular mechanics, shoulder dys...

Sue Falsone

Sue Falsone: Shoulder and Neck Tension

The scapulothoracic area is where a lot of people carry their stress. They have tension headaches. They get pain in the back of the head. They’re always rubbing this area. When people...

Greg Dea: Volleyball Shoulder Injuries

Approximately 43% of volleyball athletes will have shoulder pain in any competition week. You’re not supposed to have pain in your shoulder when you play volleyball. It’s common, bu...


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