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Sophia Drysdale training the pregnant client

Sophia McDermott Drysdale: Training Pregnant Clients — Beneficial Exercises

Concluding this popular series about understanding the physiological changes that are underway during pregnancy, this article covers go-to exercises that b...

Sophia Drysdale

Sophia McDermott Drysdale: Training Pregnant Clients—Avoid These Exercises

When training pregnant clients, it is crucial that you understand the physiological changes that are underway, then you’ll know which exercises to do and which exercises to avoid.

Sophia Drysdale on training pregnant clients

Sophia McDermott Drysdale: A Trainer’s Guide to Pregnant Clients

Addressing the long-held misconception that pregnant women shouldn't work out, Sophia McDermott Drysdale provides a concise primer covering the information that trainers need to know ab...

Sophia Drysdale weight training for women

Sophia McDermott Drysdale: 6 Reasons Why ALL Women Should Perform Resistance Training

From fat burning to better sleep, Sophia Drysdale looks at the main reasons why women should be performing resistance training. Training tips are included that will help keep you and yo...