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Jeremy Hall and Rob Panariello: The System and the Rehab/Performance Continuum

Rehab and training are very similar entities. Rehab professionals and strength coaches seem to be at different ends of a continuum, but their work is often...

the-system periodization book

Training Cycle Principles

Excerpted from Chapter Four of The System, authors Johnny Parker, Al Miller, Rob Panariello and Jeremy Hall introduce their idea of systematic program design.

Jeremy Hall: The Power of Mentorship

There’s more to being successful in strength and conditioning than just learning the science of strength. The art of coaching is woven deeply into the collective wisdom of the great m...

the-system periodization book

The System: Foreword

Coach Dan Reeves gives us a glimpse at the work of coaches Johnny Parker and Al Miller, who, with Rob Panariello and Jeremy Hall, wrote The System, the ultimate guide to periodization.

the-system periodization book

Johnny Parker, Al Miller & Rob Panariello

In The System, the authors lay the foundation for a scientifically based, field-tested, and effective system of training using periodization with sport athletes for both strength and co...


Thomas Plummer: You Were Born to Change the World

In this excerpt from Thomas Plummer's new book, Thom tells his readers, "You were born to change the world."