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Boris Bachmann: Getting Under the Bar — Squat Stretches and Drills

Properly racking the bar on your back for an effective squat is not always as simple as it seems. Do you know what ‘right’ feels like? Do you have old ...

Mark Reifkind: Foam Rolling Pain Points

Mark Reifkind approaches foam rolling with a plan of action: he tries to find the most painful spot within the most painful spot in order to teach a lesson on pain.

Mark Reifkind: Shoulder Mobility

Mark Reifkind discusses the reality of living with injuries and shares a stretch to help regain shoulder mobility before your workout.

Mark Reifkind warmup drills

Mark Reifkind: Body Maintenance — The Power of Routine

Mark Reifkind discusses the transition from motivation to routine and details his Body Maintenance plan, a self-myofascial release 'check-up' that precedes your daily exercise.

Mark Reifkind: Tissue Quality

For Mark Reifkind, the important concept of tissue quality has been overlooked for too long. If foam rolling or whatever else you're doing is not making things softer and better, then y...