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Evan Osar: Developing and Maintaining Hip Mobility

With so many exercises available, you likely have a strategy for developing your clients’ hip mobility. But how do you maintain it?

Greg Dea: Feedback and Cueing – Part 2 – Reliable Strategies

Greg Dea details visual, verbal and tactile cues and provides examples of using scientifically reliable and valid feedback strategies and cueing strategies to get consistently better re...

Dan John: The Hip Movement Continuum

The story of the origin and evolution of Dan John’s Hip Movement (Displacement) Continuum gives you the understanding you need to move powerfully in a much simpler, safer and sounder ...

Chuck Wolf: Blending Traditional Training with Functional, Integrated Training

How can you balance the strength gains of traditional training with the mobility that comes with functional training? Chuck Wolf works through the layers of the Action Pyramid to develo...

Jeremy Hall and Al Miller: Scaling The System — Part 3

Scaling The System for the average lifter is all about managing time and stress. Jeremy Hall gives you the real numbers to make it work for you and your clients.

Jeremy Hall and Al Miller: Scaling the System – Part 2

In the second article of this series on scaling a system of Russian periodization to fit your needs and wants, Jeremy Hall and Al Miller cover a few basic changes you can make that will...

Chuck Wolf: Periodized Program Hybrid Models

Chuck Wolf discusses adding movement variability to the phases of a comprehensive periodized program.

Boris Bachmann: Deadlift Stud, Squat Dud

Boris Bachmann, the Squat RX guy, answers a few questions from people struggling to bring their squat up to the level of their deadlift (and that’s a lot of people).

Brian Gwaltney: Perspective and Standards — You Don’t Need More Than An “F”

Does your quest for fitness and strength consume too much of your life? Maybe you need to ask yourself about how you set your standards.

Byron Chandler: Periodization

Train all out. Recuperate. Repeat . . . The word “Periodization” gets thrown around a lot. This primer will give you a great understanding of when and where it works and just how si...

Chuck Wolf: Muscle Energy Techniques

Do not build stability on top of stability. After considering the health and activity history and lifestyle of a client, Muscle Energy Techniques are often helpful to gain not only stim...