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Thomas Plummer: Fitness Professionals Only Have Two Speeds

Fitness professionals only have two speeds in their internal motors: full on, flat out and all in, or destroyed on the couch, drooling like an old bulldog,...

Gray Cook: Chop and Lift Basics

From PNF patterns to sport-specific exercise, Gray Cook covers the chop and lift basics to get your clients and patients working two arms against one core.

Stuart McGill: Scientific Odds Ratios and Injury

Stuart McGill gives us a quick review on understanding the statistics of injury risk, discusses what his studies have learned about injuries in first responders and posits what that mea...

Gray Cook: Rolling Isn’t Magic

Rolling is great as a corrective exercise because of its position in the developmental sequence, but as Gray Cook explains, it can also be an informative assessment to have in your tool...

Sue Falsone: Cervical Thoracic Junction Yoga Mobility Drill

Looking for a drill to regain mobility in the shoulder and cervical thoracic junction? Sue Falsone goes back to yoga for the perfect movements.

Chuck Wolf big movement rocks

Chuck Wolf: The Big Movement Rocks

Chuck Wolf explains how efficient motion of the "big movement rocks" improves efficiency of motion and reduces the risk of injury.

Gray Cook Craig Liebenson Janda talk

Upper and Lower-Crossed Syndrome in Athletes

These are some key takeaways from a discussion Gray Cook and Craig Liebenson had that included this section on Vladimir Janda’s idea of Upper and Lower-Cross Syndromes.

Stuart McGill: Testing Athletes with Jumps

The Olympic lifts require a state of relaxation and Stuart McGill has an interesting way to screen for its presence: box jumps.

T-Spine Mobility: Why It’s Important

Many of our daily activities are often done sitting down, rounding through the thoracic spine, which can wreak havoc on posture and put stress on the rest of the body. In this collectio...

Mark Reifkind warmup drills

Mark Reifkind: Body Maintenance — The Power of Routine

Mark Reifkind discusses the transition from motivation to routine and details his Body Maintenance plan, a self-myofascial release 'check-up' that precedes your daily exercise.

Dan John Now What

Dan John: Shark Habits

There will always be a need for mastery of a lot of areas, but, in the end, it comes down to: Did you do the job? Dan John lets us in on his Shark Habits that clear life’s clutter.