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Josh Hillis 3 Ways to Lose Fat

Josh Hillis: Three Painless Ways to Lose Weight by Cutting Calories, Not Counting Them

We know that it takes reducing calories to lose weight. In fact, if your only goal is to have the scale change, there is literally nothing that matters as ...

Weak core, back pain with Evan Osar

Evan Osar: Low Back Pain – The Myth of The Weak Core – Part 1

It is often believed that structural or mechanical low back pain is related to a weakness within the core. This article discusses the myth of the weak core and introduces the idea that ...

Exercise Program Design Fundamentals, Part One

A well-designed training program is crucial for making continued progress both in the short and long term. However, program design can be a confusing topic with a countless number of ar...

Nick Winkelman

Coaching Movements and Skills with Nick Winkelman

There are two parts to great coaching. The first is possessing the right knowledge—what techniques to use, what exercises to use, what drills to use and what methods to use. The other...

Shoulder Anatomy and Dealing with a Shoulder Injury

An interview with former Major League Baseball Head Athletic Trainer & Physical Therapist Sue Falsone The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. As a shallow ball and ...

Functional Movement Screen [Infographic]

Use this comprehensive infographic to review the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) with your clients or training staff.

Dan John’s Four Quadrants [Infographic]

This infographic is a fabulous overview of Dan John's Quadrants concept. A quick review will help you decide how far you want to dive into this effective workout programming idea.