Chip Conrad: How to Create a Holistic Athlete DVD Links Page

How to Create a Holistic Athlete DVD links page, in order of appearance

Chip Conrad
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With Dan John

Link to Dan’s A Systems Approach to Training DVD links page

Filmed at
21 Gram Gym, Arcata, California

Lift With Your Head, Chip Conrad

TED Talks

Bonnie Prudden

Dan John


Pavel Tsatsouline, StrongFirst

Allyson Goble

Intervention, Dan John

Dan John, 10 Commandments of Lifting

Mr. America, Mark A. Adam

Muscletown USA, John D. Fair

Muscle Smoke & Mirrors, Randy Roach

Chip’s YouTube Channel

Terry & Jan Todd, Stark Center

Contemporary Athletics & Ancient Greek Ideals, Daniel Dombrowski

Supertraining and Fitness Facts & Fallacies, Mel Siff

Dave Tate