Dan John: Intervention Audio Book Excerpt

Intervention: Course Corrections for the Athlete and Trainer
Dan John, reading Chapter One

In the late ’60s, Dave Draper hunkered down in a studio for a couple of weeks to read some kind of training information product for Joe Weider. The recording was never released, but the memory is so huge that to this day Dave doesn’t do phone or radio interviews, and wouldn’t even consider doing a lecture for our site.

To him, the idea that people would be willing to talk into the 20 recorders we have traversing the country for the audio lectures is just crazy. He thought I’d never find people who would do it, yet we now have about 100 lectures on the site, and usually have a waiting list for the recorders. Fast-forward to today, and I have years in print and digital, and about a year-and-a-half experience editing audio lectures, but hadn’t worked on an audio book. Print books, ebooks…no audio book.

Dan John told me a few years ago he’d be willing to read Never Let Go for an audio book, but in the busy-ness of life, neither of us made it happen. Then, earlier this year as we started working on Intervention, we talked about doing an audio book, but again, no real momentum. About a month ago, Dan told me to send him a recorder and he’d record it.

I sent the recorder, but honestly, I expected to get the recorder back in a couple of months, empty. Really, it’s just too much to ask. Reading your own words is hard. Reading anything out loud is hard. Reading your own words, out loud, for public production? For pay? Yikes. No way did I think this would happen.

You know where this is going.

Two weeks ago I got the recorder back, filled with Intervention as only Dan could speak it. Realizing we could release the print book, the ebook and the audio book at the same time amped me like crazy, and I went into editing overdrive. Figuring out how to make chapter markers and have audio players remember where the listener left off took another couple of days, and now, today, Dan, a guy who grew up with a lisp, has read an audio book to rave reviews.

I’m pretty sure his reading and our synchronized print, digital and audio release is a first in our field. Now that’s just fun!

Here, listen to Dan as he reads the introductory chapter one.

Sounds just like him, doesn’t it?

If you’d like to have Dan tell you in six hours what he’s learned in 30 years and today thinks is most important about training, order now for immediate download.

Click here to order the paperback edition of Intervention, $19.95.

Aside for later: Dan’s pretty pleased with himself, too (don’t tell him I said that) — he had me send him a recorder the other day so he can start recording Never Let Go. And, oh heck! Can’t believe I almost forgot to send you over to kick around Dan’s new site!