Dan John: Older Clients and Falls

Thousands of Americans die every year from falls and fall-related injuries. The right exercises for your older clients can help prevent falling . . . so why aren’t we doing them?

The best way for me to explain this next little bit is that I’m 57-years old. If you’re not 57, you are on your way to 57. I have no idea what happens after 57, but there are a couple of things you begin to learn as you age . . .

First, Phil Maffetone tells us that each year 28,000 Americans die from falls and fall-related injuries. There is no discussion about this. There is no society for the prevention of this. We don’t talk about it. Yet, if you bring peanut butter into a preschool, they will call a SWAT team.

28,000 Americans die from falls.

As I’m talking today, the Ebola virus is in the news. The chances of any of you picking up Ebola are pretty rare, but the chances of one of you having a fall and getting hurt are pretty high. Here’s an interesting thing: At my age, if I was told today by my doctor that I have cancer and my friend, who is also 57, was to fall today and hurt himself, statistically in two years, my chances of survival in the United States are greater.

Yet, we don’t talk about falling at all.

. . . So what does Dan do about it? Get Back Ups.

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