Dan John: ‘Get Back Up’ Drill for Older Clients

Thousands of Americans die every year from falls and fall-related injuries. The right exercises for your older clients can help prevent falls and Dan John’s Get Back Ups may be the key to recovering when falls do occur.

How many of you counted how many times they got up and down? Well, I’ll tell you. It was 25. Twenty-five times they went to the ground and got back up. If you’re standing clos­erin fact those just sitting around themyou’ll notice that the area around you is now warmer.

How much instruction did I give them on how to get up and get down? None. But as you’ll notice, all of them began opening their hips to help them get up and get down as we went through. That’s your warm-up Monday morning. Tell your clients that you invented this drill over the weekend because we all steal in this industry.

If your older clients are going to the floor with like this a few times like this, they are practicing going to the ground. Literally, you might be saving their lives. No one cares about your “armacondas” when you hit the ground. Nobody cares about that. If you blow a joint out, your life changes radically. I’ve had a total hip replacement and one of my good friends just had one. It’s life-changing. Going down the hall with a walker just blows your mind.

Here’s my point. You can make a difference in your clients’ lives, especially your older clients. I say this whenever I give a workshop: If you want to make money in the fitness industry, you want older clients who look like me. I have a platinum card. I will give it to you. That 18-year-old zit-backed football player doesn’t have a platinum card. If we can do something that simple that builds up work capacity, that builds up getting up and down off the ground, it can make a difference in life. That’s just Part One of what you’re going to learn today.

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