Mark Cheng: Prehab-Rehab for Forward Posture

Mark Cheng demonstrates a great stepping stone for clients or patients with a forward posture who aren’t comfortable in a prone position.

If you have someone who’s had a hunched, forward posture for a long time whether through sport or whether through workplace ergonomics, this is an incredibly valuable tool for them in terms of training. But they may not be comfortable lying down on the ground.

For your elderly clientele or your athletes who have been training, like boxers who are always taught to stay tight, it may be hard for them to break out of their sport-specific posture. You have to make the posture accessible for them. Using something like an Airex pad or a pillow is very powerful.

In Jimmy’s case, we’ll make this easier for him since he may not be able to get the same clearance. Jimmy, come on up onto a cobra stretch and I’m going to give this to you to help pad your chest a little bit. You’ll notice his head can hang forward a little bit more easily. He’s not in such a strain to keep that neutral head and neck since neutral was an effort for him. Go ahead and lift the head up nice and high.

For the patient, client or athlete who has a hard time coming back into cervical extension, this is a nice stepping stone to getting that neck or thoracic spine to be able to move freely.

If you’re working with someone who has a tendency toward a forward posture or  slouched posture, it may not be intentional. Often through the workplace, whether you’re working at a computer for long hours, long-haul driving or sport-specific training and postures, they won’t necessarily know they’re slouching forward. Working on exercises like this will be difficult at first. Don’t be afraid of giving them a couple of Airex pads or something to help access this range of motion.

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