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Mark Cheng breathing drill for t-spine mobility

Mark Cheng: Emotional Attachments – Exercise, Identity and Addiction

Mark Cheng tackles the problem of emotional attachment to certain workouts and presents systems and practices that can overcome a client’s limited exerci...

Mark Cheng: Breathing as Fundamental Movement

Mark Cheng gives you the best language to explain the importance of breathing to your clients and why it must serve as a starting point for correctives.

Mark Cheng prehab drills

Mark Cheng: Prehab-Rehab for Forward Posture

Mark Cheng demonstrates a great stepping stone for clients or patients with a forward posture who aren’t comfortable in a prone position.

Mark Cheng: Movement is Just Like Money

Mark Cheng’s movement philosophy uses the analogy of money: Are you borrowing more movement than you have? How do you save the buffer you need?


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