Greg Rose: Trunk Stability in Golf and MMA

What do FMS Trunk Stability Push Up scores mean for swinging sports? Contact sports? Greg Rose demonstrates how a disconnect between the lower body and upper body can cause power problems.

Greg Rose: If I have one of my golfers—and I see Trunk Stability Push Up scores of 1 on my PGA tour players—and when I see it I freak out. Here’s what it means to me:

You have a hard time connecting your lower body to your upper body. You’ve got great power in your legs and you’ve got great in your upper body, but there might be something missing in the middle.

It’s like it’s not plugged in, right?

I see this in PGA players. If you watch the spine on the backswing, it’s leaning away from the target on most players. Guys with that trunk stability disconnect? They lean toward the target.

Do you see the difference? When they lean toward the target, they have a hard time connecting. When they rotate, it’s like doing trunk stability and they arch their back in­stead of staying connected.

When you do arch your back, you’re elongating your abdominals.

Contract your abdominals right now with your hands behind your head. How many of you arched forward? That makes no freakin’ sense! So why would a golfer disconnect on the backswing?

With our volunteer, I’m worried that he’s disconnecting when he’s punching.

Gray Cook: That’s why you got a 1 on the push-up. You had no problem acquisitioning your arm strength but your chest left the ground before your pelvis did and you didn’t zip it up.

Greg Rose: Think about if you were fighting, and you’re punching and you’re disconnected . . . we should really work on that if we want to start knocking people out.

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