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Gray Cook: Core Stability, Compensation and Breathing

Lacking core stability? Then you’re likely down on power. Here’s how Gray Cook discerns if it’s a breathing sequence problem.

Mark Cheng: Movement Starts with Breathing

Any discussion of fundamental movement starts with breathing. If the breathing is not correct, the body is rejecting whatever you’re trying to teach it. Mark Cheng demonstrates a simp...

Charlie Weingroff: The Core and Diaphragm

The body has inherent instabilities . . . as well as built-in methods to create stability. Charlie Weingroff explores the diaphragm as the most important core muscle, ensuring a stable ...

Anna Folckomer: Winged Scapula and the Serratus

Does your client or patient have a winged scapula? Check and see what their core is doing.

Kathy Dooley: The Iliacus

Kathy Dooley explores the differences, in both anatomy and function, of the iliacus and psoas. It’s all about where they originate.

Mike Prevost: Ruck Training Programs – PART 2

Interested in the potential offered by ruck training? In Part One, Mike Prevost covered the research. Here he puts it all together in two programs to get you rucking.

Mike Prevost: Ruck Training Programs – PART 1

Interested in the potential offered by ruck training? Because of its history as a means of military conveyance, there’s plenty of information out there on rucking. Mike Prevost sorts ...

Using a SmartRoller

Stacy Barrows: Foam Roller History and Practical Use

Can we do anything without a foam roller anymore? Stacy Barrows fills you in on why they are so popular and why they work so well . . . when used correctly.

Mike Boyle on Rotational Training

From Mike Boyle: Rotational training is really the blending of core training and strength training and is, in fact, an essential part of both core training and proper strength developme...

Greg Rose: Trunk Stability in Golf and MMA

What do FMS Trunk Stability Push Up scores mean for swinging sports? Contact sports? Greg Rose demonstrates how a disconnect between the lower body and upper body can cause power proble...

Gray Cook: Sequence of Core Firing

What’s your corrective strategy to get proper core firing? From rolling to crawling, Gray Cook gives his program to get everything firing in the right order.