Kathy Dooley: Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Core Muscles

What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic core muscles? Kathy Dooley creatively demonstrates the functional anatomy for you using body painting.

I didn’t mention anything about this muscle attaching to the deep layers of thoracolumbar fascia. Dr. Anna mentioned the internal abdominal oblique and transversus abdominis attaching to that. Never do I say the external does that, because it does not. It is an extrinsic core muscle, not intrinsic.

What did Dr. Anna tell you was the difference between an extrinsic core muscle and an intrinsic core muscle? What is the difference?

Because that’s a hot button topic, this core stuff.

Intrinsic muscles help you to build intra-abdominal pressure the best, but they are more tonic than phasic, meaning they tend toward being more of a stability muscle than permitting a lot of mobility.

The external abdominal oblique has the word “external” in it, because he’s extrinsic, meaning he doesn’t help build these forces well, but he does help take the force you build and send it to the outside world.

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