Lecture Listing

Lectures by Name, First Name Alphabetical

Alwyn Cosgrove: Designing Semi-Private Training Programs

Ann Wendel: Autoimmune Illnesses & Chronic Pain, Nutrition and Training

Barb Hoogenboom: Neurodevelopmental Sequencing

Bobby Maybee: Building Value Through Communication

Boris Bachmann: Squat Talk

Brad Schoenfeld: Metabolic Resistance Training for Fat Loss

Brett Jones: Common FMS Errors

Brett Jones: Corrective Exercise Essentials

Brett Jones: Indian Clubs, a Historical Perspective

Brett Jones: Key Concepts in Corrective Exercise

Brett Jones: Strength for Success

Brian Bott: Building a Bulletproof Program

Brian Bott: Training the Trenches, Football

Brijesh Patel: Developing and Organizing a System of Training

Brijesh Patel: It’s Not All About the Sets and Reps

Brijesh Patel: Redefining the Warm-Up

Brooks Kubik: Strength Training for Older Adults

Charlie Weingroff: The Stretching Code

Charlie Weingroff: Trainable Human System

Charlie Weingroff & Craig Liebenson: SFMA & DNS, Can We Marry Them?

Charlie Weingroff & Patrick Ward: Managing the Manual Therapy Process

Charlie Weingroff & Rob Butler: A Systematic Model for Rehabilitation

Chip Conrad: Our Sweet Chant of Frantic Power

Chris Mohr: Hot Topics in Nutrition

Clifton Harski: Traveling Stress-Free with Good Nutrition

Craig Liebenson & Charlie Weingroff: SFMA & DNS, Can We Marry Them?

Craig Liebenson and Gray Cook: A Dialogue on Function

Craig Liebenson & Gray Cook: Hat Tip to Professor Janda

Craig Liebenson & Gray Cook: Myths and Misunderstandings about the FMS and SFMA

Craig Liebenson and Stuart McGill: From the Lab to the Trenches

Dan John: A Philosophy of Strength Training Video

Dan John: Blending Intervention and Can You Go?

Dan John: Boomer Fitness, Training the Middle-Age Client

Dan John: Challenges

Dan John: Elimination in Life: A Look at Fasting, Dining and Training

Dan John: Everything’s Over My Head Video

Dan John: Fundamental Human Movements

Dan John: Goal Setting

Dan John: Quadrants of Diet & Exercise

Dan John: What is an Elite Athlete?

David Weck: Head Over Foot™

David Whitley: Fundamental Breathing Practice

Dick Tyler: Iron Memories, Part One

Dick Tyler: Iron Memories, Part Two

Edo Zylstra & Gray Cook: A Commentary on Dry Needling

Emily Splichal: Barefoot Training for Power & Agility

Emily Splichal: Footwear for Fitness & Performance

Emily Splichal: Rethinking Proprioceptive Training & Ankle Instability

Emily Splichal: Understanding Impact Forces

Emily Splichal: Unleashing The Power of Propulsion

Emily Splichal & Sarah Young: Barefoot Training Discussion

Eric Beard: Anatomy of Shoulder Impingement and Beyond

Eric Beard: Understanding Lower Back Pain: Functional Anatomy Interventions and Prevention

Eric Chessen: Autism Fitness

Eric Chessen & Marjorie Brook: A Conversation About Stretching

Eric Nelson: Functional Movement, Shifting the Paradigm

Erwan Le Corre: The 10 MovNat Principles of Natural Movement

Evan Osar: Strategies and Techniques to Improve Human Movement

Evan Osar: Thoracic Stabilization Strategy

Franz Snideman: Sprinting

Gabe Skinner & Sarah Young: Breathing, Crawling & Getup Training for Runners

Galina Denzel: Training the Pregnant Client

Gray Cook: Apprenticeship

Gray Cook: Developing a Movement Philosophy

Gray Cook: Duke University Physical Therapy Student Q&A

Gray Cook: 2013 IFOMPT Keynote Address

Gray Cook: Isolation—It’s Totally Natural

Gray Cook: Key Functional Exercises You Should Know Video

Gray Cook: Reactive Neuromuscular Training

Gray Cook: Revisiting Athletic Body in Balance

Gray Cook: Schooling vs Education

Gray Cook: Self-Limiting Exercise

Gray Cook: The Psychology of Movement

Gray Cook: The 3 Rs

Gray Cook: VCU School of Physical Therapy Lecture

Gray Cook: What’s the Big Deal About the Toe Touch?

Gray Cook: What’s Behind a Mobility Problem?

Gray Cook & Craig Liebenson: A Dialogue on Function

Gray Cook & Craig Liebenson: Hat Tip to Professor Janda

Gray Cook & Craig Liebenson: Myths and Misunderstandings about the FMS and SFMA

Gray Cook & Edo Zylstra: A Commentary on Dry Needling

Gray Cook & Joe Heiler: Meaningful Impairments

Guido Van Ryssegem: Movement Variability

Guido Van Ryssegem: Overcoming the Myth of So-Called Proprioceptive Training

Jack Thompson: How We Can Fix American Tennis

Jack Thompson: Tennis Elbow

Jas Randhawa & Kyle Balzer: Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Clinicians, Inter-Professionals Relationships

Jason C. Brown: Play

Jason Green: The ABCs of Breathing

Jason Hulme: Using the SFMA for Marketing and Medical Referrals

Jason Nunn: Training the Soccer Athlete

Jason Spray: 10 Tips to Breaking into the S&C Field

Jeffrey Tucker: Assess and Treat Knee Pain Using Exercise

Jeffrey Tucker: Keys to the Thoracic Spine

Jeffrey Tucker: The Importance of Static Posture Evaluation

Jeffrey Tucker: Top 10 Tips for Preventing Knee Pain

Jennifer Pilotti: Higher Quality Personal Training

Jennifer Pilotti: Strength & Mobility Programs for Runners

Jennifer Pilotti & Julie Blandin: A Discussion of PRI

Jeremy Lawson: The Missing Joint of Athletic Performance

Jerry Brainum: Supplements, Which Work?

Jim Schmitz: Olympic Style Weightlifting for Strength, Health, Physique, Fitness and Sport

Jimmy Yuan & Mark Cheng: Kettlebells and Corrective Exercise

Jimmy Yuan & Mark Cheng: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Rehab and Corrective Exercise

Jimmy Yuan & Mark Cheng: Traditional Martial Arts as GPP

Joe Heiler and Gray Cook: Meaningful Impairments

Joe Sansalone: Concepts and Principles of Movement Preparation

Joe Sansalone: Olympic Weightlifting

Joel Jamieson: Using Heart Rate Variability for Better Training Results

Jon Goodman: Facebook Marketing for Personal Trainers

Jon Torine: The Athlete Continuum

Jon Torine: Fundamental Movement Competency

Josh Henkin: The Evolution of Sandbag Training

Josh Hillis: Fat Loss Nutrition Coaching Session

Josh Hillis: Updated Fat Los Coaching Session

Julie Blandin & Jennifer Pilotti: A Discussion of PRI

Keith Norris, Skyler Tanner and Mark Alexander: Paleo Discussion

Ken Leistner: Training Methodologies of the 1960s

Kyle Balzer & Jas Randhawa: Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Clinicians, Inter-Professionals Relationships

Lee Burton: Core Testing and Assessment

Lee Burton: The History of the Functional Movement Screen

Lisa Shaughnessy: Social Media for Fitness Businesses

Liz Koch: The Psoas, Is it More than a Muscle?

Lou Schuler: Hero’s Journey into Fitness

Marjorie Brook: The Role of Scar Tissue

Marjorie Brook & Eric Chessen: A Conversation About Stretching

Mark Alexander, Keith Norris and Skyler Tanner: Paleo Discussion

Mark Cheng: Seated Death

Mark Cheng: The Trail of Bread Crumbs

Mark Cheng & Jimmy Yuan: Kettlebells and Corrective Exercise

Mark Cheng & Jimmy Yuan: Traditional Chinese Medicine in Rehab and Corrective Exercise

Mark Cheng & Jimmy Yuan: Traditional Martial Arts as GPP

Mark Moynihan: Metabolic Interval Training

Mark Reifkind: Lats, the Super Muscle Video

Mark Roozen: Methods of Periodization

Mark Roozen: The Principles of Training for Tactical Positions

Mark Snow: Using the FMS in a Group or Bootcamp Setting

Martha Peterson: Relieving Chronic Muscle Pain With Somatic Education

Michael Boyle: Fat Loss Secrets

Mike BonDurant: York Barbell Equipment 1932-1960

Mike Mahler: Importance of Optimizing Hormones Naturally

Mike T. Nelson: The 3 Phases to Joint Pain Relief and New Personal Records

Mike Robertson: The Business of Fitness

Mike Roussell: 21 Ways to Lose More Weight

Mitch Hauschildt: Is Movement-based Therapy for Everyone?

Mitch Hauschildt: Poor Pelvic Alignment

Nick Tumminello: Practical Program Design

Nick Winkelman: Coaching Science: Theory into Practice

Pat Rigsby: Boot Camp Financials

Patrick Ward & Charlie Weingroff: Managing the Manual Therapy Process

Paul Ingraham: Fascia Science: Does it Even Matter?

Perry Nickelston: Movement Linchpins

Perry Nickelston: Taking the Brakes Off Movement

Perry Nickelston: Triggerpoints for Pain

Phil Plisky: Implementing Testing and Screening

Phil Plisky: The Development of the Y Balance Test

Rachel Cosgrove: Secrets to Success as a Woman Fitness Professional

Ric Drasin: The Golden Years

Rick Daigle: Kinesiology Taping Techniques

Rick Daigle: The Top 11 Mistakes Physical Therapists Make

Rob Butler & Charlie Weingroff: A Systematic Model for Rehabilitation

Robb Rogers: Functional Training vs Performance Training

Robert Yang: Nothing Wholesome in Eating Whole Grains

Ron Jones: Health from the Ground Up: A Practical Guide to Understanding Feet, Ankles and Shoes

Sadie Chanlett-Avery: Body Image, Exercise & Holistic Health

Sarah Young & Gabe Skinner: Breathing, Crawling & Getup Training for Runners

Sam Visnic: Low Back Pain Solutions, A Holistic Approach

Sarah Young & Emily Splichal: Barefoot Training Discussion

Sean Skahan: Training and Injury Prevention for Hockey

Skyler Tanner, Keith Norris and Mark Alexander: Paleo Discussion

Stacy Barrows: Foam Roller Methods for Optimal Posture and Movement Organization

Stacy Barrows: Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method

Steve Middleton: The Role of Posture in Understanding and Predicting Movement Dysfunctions

Steve Middleton: The Sacroiliac Joint, Unlocking the History of Low Back Pain

Stuart McGill & Craig Liebenson: From the Lab to the Trenches

Stuart McGill, Craig Liebenson & Gray Cook: Assessing Movement Video

Sue Falsone: The Cervical Thoracic Junction

Sue Falsone: Thoracic Spine: The Missing Link to Core Stability

Sue Falsone: Yoga for Strength

Taylor Lewis Training the 99% with the 1% Methods

Tim Anderson: Miracle of Crawling

Tim Vagen: Training the Senior Client

Todd Hargrove: The Body Maps

Tom Furman: Ability to Move

Tom Patrick: Finding Relief from Chronic Pain

Tom Solecki: Low Back Pain & Spinal Stabilization

Tom Solecki: Red Flags, Documentation, Outcomes, Assessment Measurements

Tom Solecki: Respiration

Tom Solecki: The Rehab Paradigm in Sports Medicine

Vince McConnell: Role of a Personal Strength Conditioning Coach

Wil Fleming: A Complete Olympic Lifting System

Zach EvenEsh: Training and Development of the High School Athlete