Lee Burton: Active Straight Leg Raise — Corrective or Conditioning?

Beyond a screen, is the Active Straight Leg Raise a corrective, a workout or conditioning exercise? Lee Burton explains how it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

We’ll try Active Straight Leg Raise with core activation.

We’ll get some mobility in the upper back. We activate the core. Try to do a leg raise. You can do your stretching first. You can do your hands-on mobility work first. Do your soft tissue work first.

Add these three exercises:
T-spine rotation with rib grab
T-spine rotation with reach
Active Straight Leg Raise with core activation

Here’s my question. For this person with this limitation, is this corrective?

If you put them on the ground, go through a series of a couple of sets and reps—a couple of sets, five repetitions, 10 repetitions or whatever you want to do—and go through that twice, are they going to be winded?

Yes. This is a workout.

Whether you want to call it corrective, a workout or conditioning, it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Is it corrective?

Sure. We’re trying to improve his shoulder mobility, but to be honest, for this individual, that’s part of his workout.

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