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Brian Gwaltney: The Tangential Model of Periodization

How would an engineer look at strength and conditioning? Brian Gwaltney uses a unique background to look at how theories of periodization work out in real ...

Mike Prevost: Heart Rate Reserve – Measuring Cardiovascular Fitness Improvement

What can heart rate really tell you about fitness? Mike Prevost recognizes heart rate reserve as an easy assessment for high intensity work and gives you the numbers you need to put it ...

Dan John: What Makes an Athlete Elite?

Dan John details some of the internal qualities and external criteria that differentiate elite athletes from the rest. What does it take to master your sport?

Lee Burton: Programming Needs of a High School Football Player

What athletes want isn’t always what they need. Programming to blend their "wants" with what you decide they need is an art, as Lee Burton explains using the patterns of the Functiona...

Mike Prevost: Protein Needs and Muscle Hypertrophy

Mike Prevost reports on the latest research to bring you information on dietary protein and muscle hypertrophy - including the different protein needs for bulking up, maintenance and we...

Patrick Ward: Enhancing the Physiological Buffer Zone

A healthy athlete needs to have a Physiological Buffer Zone; What are you doing to that area between full physical capacity and the point of breakdown, injury or pain? Patrick Ward asks...

Mike Prevost: Ruck Training Programs – PART 2

Interested in the potential offered by ruck training? In Part One, Mike Prevost covered the research. Here he puts it all together in two programs to get you rucking.

Mike Prevost: Ruck Training Programs – PART 1

Interested in the potential offered by ruck training? Because of its history as a means of military conveyance, there’s plenty of information out there on rucking. Mike Prevost sorts ...

Joel Jamieson: Building the Performance Model

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that performance is the same for every sport . . . it’s literally a different ball game. The Performance Model is where the athlete, the requireme...

Gray Cook: Coddled Conditioning

Is conditioning incompatible with coddling? Gray Cook thinks so: your clients shouldn’t always get their way. They should get what they need.

Lee Burton: Active Straight Leg Raise — Corrective or Conditioning?

Beyond a screen, is the Active Straight Leg Raise a corrective, a workout or conditioning exercise? Lee Burton explains how it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.


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