Lorimer Moseley: On Pain

When Craig Liebenson introduced me to Lorimer Moseley as a suggestion to film his Pain lecture at Jason Tonley’s Cynergy Education event, I was pleased. But I had no clue what a gift that would turn out to be.

I’d watched Lorimer’s TED talk, and knew he was smart and funny. At the time, I didn’t know what a contribution he and his team had made toward our current understanding of pain. And I definitely didn’t know how skilled he is at teaching such a complex topic…this guy is terrific!

Much of the material in the lecture is over my head–way over–and some of you may feel the same. But at an instant before my brain was about to slide off toward something distracting, Lorimer switched to storytelling. And if I thought he was smart, that was nothing compared to how masterful he is at stories.

Lorimer packed this talk with important information…facts, research and working theories we all need to know about how pain works. And he interspersed it with great stories to help us understand and teach pain science.

I loved working on this, and you’re going to love watching it…at least twice.

Here’s the link to more information, more video clips or to buy the DVD or digital video.