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Sue Falsone: Pain Theories

Pain is a reality of rehab and performance, and the more you understand, the more you can help your client or patient understand. In this excerpt, Sue Fals...

Lorimer Moseley: Perception and Pain

Lorimer Moseley discusses an intriguing experiment that tricks the brain and demonstrates that perception is always a factor when dealing with pain.

Lorimer Moseley

Lorimer Moseley

Lorimer Moseley, pain researcher and physical therapist, is the author or co-author of Pain DVD The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook Painful Yarns book Explain Pain book Posters and other...

Lorimer Moseley: On Pain

When Craig Liebenson introduced me to Lorimer Moseley as a suggestion to film his Pain lecture at Jason Tonley’s Cynergy Education event, I was pleased. But I had no clue what a g...