Mark Cheng: Breathing 101

Quality breathing often declines for a variety of reasons as we age, become sedentary or even after things like specializing in a physical activity. Learning the types of breathing and regaining the ability to breathe well can have a big impact on quality of life or results in athletics. It’s vital to us individually, and it’s important for trainers and coaches to know how to teach this to their clients and athletes.

In the video Prehab Rehab 101, Mark Cheng shows us a selection of his favorite ground-based progressions and regressions. In one section, he talks about breathing and, using his three athlete models who have differing needs, we see examples of what to look for in a variety of people.

Watch as Mark Cheng describes types of breathing and reviews several breathing drill progressions, and click the link below for more clips of Mark’s drills and commentary.


Click here for more video clips and detailed information on Mark Cheng’s Prehab Rehab 101.