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Evan Osar: Developing and Maintaining Hip Mobility

With so many exercises available, you likely have a strategy for developing your clients’ hip mobility. But how do you maintain it?

Gray Cook: Work Capacity and Motor Control

Motor control work is simpler than we make it. Get up and carry some stuff. Don’t bring bad mobility to it. Then, all you’ve got to do is watch breathing and alignment as you build ...

Gray Cook: Core Stability, Compensation and Breathing

Lacking core stability? Then you’re likely down on power. Here’s how Gray Cook discerns if it’s a breathing sequence problem.

Mark Cheng: Movement Starts with Breathing

Any discussion of fundamental movement starts with breathing. If the breathing is not correct, the body is rejecting whatever you’re trying to teach it. Mark Cheng demonstrates a simp...

Sue Falsone: The Breath

Are you devoting enough time to your client’s breathing? The breath influences our actions and emotions and is influenced by our actions and emotions . . . and chances are, it’s hav...

Gray Cook and Dan John: Working in the Tall-Kneeling Position

Gray Cook and Dan John look at the self-limiting value of using holds in the tall-kneeling position. It’s amazing how quickly asymmetries appear.

Mark Cheng breathing drill for t-spine mobility

Mark Cheng: Breathing 101

In this Mark Cheng breathing clip from Prehab Rehab 101, he reviews his favorite breathing drill progressions.

Kathy Dooley: Functional Anatomy for All Disciplines

Need an anatomy refresher? Kathy Dooley proposes body painting as a new and powerful way to continue your functional anatomy education.

Gray Cook Stuart McGill Breathing Assessment

Gray Cook & Stuart McGill Discuss Breathing Assessment

How important is breathing strategy in functional movement? Do you test it? Gray Cook & Stuart McGill discuss breathing assessment.

Mark Cheng: Breathing as Fundamental Movement

Mark Cheng gives you the best language to explain the importance of breathing to your clients and why it must serve as a starting point for correctives.

Eric Beard: Quick Breathing Assessment

Eric Beard demonstrates a breathing assessment to see if the diaphragm is doing its job. It’s quick, it’s easy and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing it before programming...