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Sue Falsone: Problems at the Head, Neck, Shoulders and Torso

Shoulder and spine expert Sue Falsone explores the complicated musculoskeletal causes of headaches and neck pain in this full-body study.

Robert Linkul: Proper Transfers for Older Adults

Transfer movements are a vital part of so many exercises and trainers need to ensure that their clients do them with proper form. But, what are your clients doing in daily life . . . wh...

Anna Folckomer: Internal Abdominal Oblique Muscle and Stability

When considering the IAO, don’t just think ‘abdomen.’ Anna Folckomer shows you how connections with the back and thoracolumbar fascia create core stability.

Eric Beard: Thoracic Spine Impairment and Dysfunction

Eric Beard reviews the causes and symptoms of thoracic spine dysfunction and explains the corrective strategies that he uses with success.

Stuart McGill Back Pain

Stuart McGill: Taking Charge of Back Pain — Empowering Self-Advocacy

Dr. Stuart M. McGill discusses the specific information that the individual with back pain needs to know to be an educated self-advocate and help take control of their painful spine. Wo...