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Mark Cheng: Groundwork Progressions—Crawling and Cross-Crawling

Crawling is ordinarily something most humans don’t do enough of, and it’s very rich for core development. Learn Mark Cheng's crawling progressions and ...

Mark Cheng: Tall-Kneeling Basics

Tall-kneeling is an oft-missed step between crawling and half-kneeling and lunging postures. Mark Cheng wants you to give it due attention and tells you what to look for.

Mark Cheng: Cross Crawling

Mark Cheng gives great coaching cues for cross crawling and explains why you should be using it to engage your clients’ mobile stability.

why is the neurodevelopmental sequence important in training

Why is the Neurodevelopmental Sequence Important to Trainers?

The neurodevelopmental sequence is the normal movement progression that infants follow as they grow and develop movement. Here are a few highlights that detail why you should understand...