Posts tagged "fascia"

Emily Splichal: Walking – From Primal to Bipedal

Do you ever actually think about walking? Stride length? Restricted pelvic rotation? Chances are you’re not walking the way evolution intended you to wal...

Anna Folckomer: Internal Abdominal Oblique Muscle and Stability

When considering the IAO, don’t just think ‘abdomen.’ Anna Folckomer shows you how connections with the back and thoracolumbar fascia create core stability.

Adam Wolf: Shoulder Impingement and Humeral Head Positioning

Adam Wolf demonstrates a simple assessment to observe asymmetries in shoulder mobility and anatomical causes of shoulder impingement.

Mark Reifkind: Tissue Quality

For Mark Reifkind, the important concept of tissue quality has been overlooked for too long. If foam rolling or whatever else you're doing is not making things softer and better, then y...

Emily Splichal: Small Nerve Stimulation – The Future of Proprioception Training

If current research doesn’t support instability training for improving joint proprioception, what techniques are supported? Dr. Emily Splichal considers the science behind small nerve...

Understanding Impact Forces

The following article is adapted from Emily Splichal’s lecture Understanding Impact Forces. Each time a body comes in contact with another surface, it encounters impact forces. These ...


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