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Stuart McGill: Hip Anatomy

Is it ever all right to lose the deep squat? Stuart McGill discusses the reality that many people don’t have the hip anatomy to keep it.

Alwyn Cosgrove: The FMS and Group Settings

Alwyn Cosgrove makes it easy to implement the FMS in a group setting: you already know what to do, movement screening just gives you information to do it more effectively.

Greg Rose, working with elite athletes

Greg Rose: FMS Scores in Elite Athletes

Asymmetries in movement are bad, right? Not always. In this clip, Greg Rose discusses FMS scores and when you absolutely don’t want to see perfection.

FMS Gray Cook toe touch

Gray Cook: Get The Toe Touch Before You Teach The Deadlift

Stiffness is there for a reason . . . When you correct the mobility, do you check the stability? Gray Cook walks you through an example by using the toe touch as a precursor to the dead...

The FMS Movement Principles

Gray Cook Movement Principles

After Gray Cook wrote his book Movement, he decided to expand on the short descriptions of the movement principles found in the book. He’s been lecturing on these principles ever ...

Gray Cook: Movement Principles

Are there common truths and guiding principles driving physical development? Gray Cook revisits the ten principles he laid out in Movement and presents three new principles that concise...

Touch Your Toes With This Toe Touch Progression

Based on a lecture by Gray Cook Simple tests can be used to reveal a lot about a person’s underlying issues. The toe touch is one of those tests. Just like the deep squat, the toe tou...

Functional Movement Screen [Infographic]

Use this comprehensive infographic to review the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) with your clients or training staff.