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Evan Osar: Developing and Maintaining Hip Mobility

With so many exercises available, you likely have a strategy for developing your clients’ hip mobility. But how do you maintain it?

Dan John: The Hip Movement Continuum

The story of the origin and evolution of Dan John’s Hip Movement (Displacement) Continuum gives you the understanding you need to move powerfully in a much simpler, safer and sounder ...

Charlie Weingroff: The Hip Hinge from the Neuromuscular Perspective

Charlie Weingroff elaborates on the importance of the hip hinge from the neuromuscular perspective . . . and why he thinks you should be able to touch your toes before you deadlift.

Mark Cheng: Rob the Forefoot Hip Hinge Drill

Having trouble getting that hip hinge right for lifts and swings? Mark Cheng learned to take away the option of shifting forward. Rob the forefoot and sit back.

Charlie Weingroff and Mark Cheng: Touch the Wall Drill

Drs. Weingroff and Cheng cover a quick and easy drill to make sure your hip hinge is where it needs to be: as far back as your anatomy and flexibility will allow.

How to Coach a Bigger Deadlift

Get more from the deadlift: Here are tips from Gray Cook, Dan John, Mike Boyle and other masters that will help you coach your clients to bigger numbers and better form on this multi-ta...

Charlie Weingroff: Hip Hinge Biomechanics

Charlie Weingroff takes a biomechanical look at why the hip hinge is so important to lifts and swings and discusses why it may be difficult to get back as far as you should.

Mark Cheng, you're working the wrong joints

Charlie Weingroff and Mark Cheng: Working the Wrong Joints

What happens when you work the wrong joints? In the process of Hacking the Hinge, Mark Cheng discusses the pitfalls of using the wrong joints to find mobility.