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Josh Hillis Fat Loss Happens on Monday

Fat Loss Happens on Monday: The Hard Talk (book excerpt)

THE HARD TALK Excerpt from Fat Loss Happens on Monday, Chapter 4 by Josh Hillis It’s time for us to have the hard talk. Now, I get a little nervous every...

Josh Hillis 3 Ways to Lose Fat

Josh Hillis: Three Painless Ways to Lose Weight by Cutting Calories, Not Counting Them

We know that it takes reducing calories to lose weight. In fact, if your only goal is to have the scale change, there is literally nothing that matters as much as calories consumed. The...

Josh Hillis

Josh Hillis

Josh Hillis, fat-loss coach, is the author of Fat Loss Happens on Monday 21-Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge  Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss: Endurance  Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss: S...

The Ultimate Guide to Losing Fat [Infographic]

This infographic page provides a simple glimpse of the habits-based fat loss program created by Josh Hillis and Dan John. Use it to decide if this program is right for you, or your clie...


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