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Byron Chandler: Periodization

Train all out. Recuperate. Repeat . . . The word “Periodization” gets thrown around a lot. This primer will give you a great understanding of when and ...

Brian Gwaltney: Don’t Get Used to Extreme

Is your sleep nonexistent, your diet unreasonable or your exercise injurious? Maybe it’s time to walk away from the extreme and reset yourself with moderation.

Dan John: Do It and Diet

If fat loss happens in the kitchen, what’s the point of all that exercise? Follow Dan John on a journey into diet, exercise and, most important, habit.

Dan John: I’m The Coach and I’m Always Right

Sometimes athletes just don’t hear what their coach is saying . . . whether you are guiding their diet, training or performance, make sure they hear you.

Chris Holder: A Fat Guy’s Experience on the Ketogenic Diet

From junk-food-junkie to fat-burning, healthier and more pleasant strength coach; Chris Holder tells the story of his ketogenic diet journey.

Mike Prevost: Protein Needs and Muscle Hypertrophy

Mike Prevost reports on the latest research to bring you information on dietary protein and muscle hypertrophy - including the different protein needs for bulking up, maintenance and we...

Douglas Graham: Fasting Explained – A Guide for Trainers

Fasting can be one of the critical keys to unleashing fantastic athletic performance. Dr. Douglas Graham covers the basics of this misunderstood, but very normal part of our lives.

Marcus Santer: Helping Your 40-Plus Client Age Successfully (and Look Great)

Marcus Santer draws on his own experiences—setbacks and successes—to help trainers provide guidance to their aging clients. It’s an easy way to learn some hard lessons.

Robb Rogers: Regeneration Strategies

Thought you had the training programmed right . . . but something seems missing? What about time for recovery and rest? Robb Rogers discusses the need for well-planned regeneration stra...

Dan John: Strength Coaching Athletes

Training wisdom from Dan John: strength coaching athletes isn't always about the weight room. Sometimes you have to get inside their heads.

Marc Halpern better food choices

Marc Halpern: Better Food Choices

There are many effective ways to lose weight, gain muscle and get healthy, but there is usually one major gap: What do you actually do when you go to the grocery store? Marc Halpern pro...