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Jeremy Hall and Al Miller: Scaling The System — Part 3

Scaling The System for the average lifter is all about managing time and stress. Jeremy Hall gives you the real numbers to make it work for you and your cl...

Jeremy Hall and Al Miller: Scaling the System – Part 2

In the second article of this series on scaling a system of Russian periodization to fit your needs and wants, Jeremy Hall and Al Miller cover a few basic changes you can make that will...

Jeremy Hall: Scaling The System to Work for You

How would you scale down a pro training system for weekend warriors or keen amateurs in our 30s, 40s and 50s, with lots of experience, but also full-time jobs and families? . . . Jeremy...

Robert Linkul: Proper Transfers for Older Adults

Transfer movements are a vital part of so many exercises and trainers need to ensure that their clients do them with proper form. But, what are your clients doing in daily life . . . wh...

Robert Linkul: Three Things I Learned Training Older Adults

Robert Linkul continues his series on training older adults. Part Two focuses on what he has learned from his lifetime clients: Three points that will help you gain and keep your own "L...

Robert Linkul: The Phobias of Training Older Adults

If you’re afraid of training older clients, you aren’t just missing out on a large business demographic. You’re not helping some of the clients who need you the most.

Glenn Pendlay: Programming for Older Lifters

Glenn Pendlay has coached his lifters to over 100 national championships . . . they’re not all young. His plans for older lifters highlight the physical and mental differences in thei...

Dan John: ‘Get Back Up’ Drill for Older Clients

Thousands of Americans die every year from falls and fall-related injuries. The right exercises for your older clients can help prevent falls and Dan John’s Get Back Ups may be the ke...

Marcus Santer: Helping Your 40-Plus Client Age Successfully (and Look Great)

Marcus Santer draws on his own experiences—setbacks and successes—to help trainers provide guidance to their aging clients. It’s an easy way to learn some hard lessons.

Lee Burton: Balance and Stability for Older Clients

Lee Burton looks at mobility restrictions and the resulting compensations and discusses the training implications of seeking balance and stability for older clients.


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