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Boris Bachmann: Deadlift Stud, Squat Dud

Boris Bachmann, the Squat RX guy, answers a few questions from people struggling to bring their squat up to the level of their deadlift (and that’s a lot...

Alwyn Cosgrove: Basic Movements and Program Design

Are you making program design too complicated? Start with basic movements and see if they make the difference your client wants.

Josh Hillis: How to Gauge Weight Loss Progress

One of the toughest factors in weight loss is gauging progress; to know what’s working and build momentum. Josh Hillis discusses using a combination of weight, bodyfat and body measur...

Robert Dos Remedios: Building Better Athletes with Optimal Program Design

What do your athletes really need? Robert Dos Remedios wants to make sure that your program design has the right focus—building better athletes.

training for tomorrow with Dan John

Dan John: Training Economics

People are always trying to sell you a magic pill to get you leaner, faster, stronger. The truth is, as far as training is concerned, a long-term vision is far better.

half kneel drills Gray Cook

Gray Cook: Motor Control and Stability and Prime Mover Training

Gray Cook makes a clear statement: View stability with a strength mentality and you’ll miss the nuances of motor control, coordination and stability and go right into prime mover trai...

Dan John: 5 Basic Human Movements

Dan John: 5 Basic Human Movements

Dan John discusses the 5 basic human movements: Push, pull, hinge, squat and loaded carry and prioritizes their impact on strength training. What do you do in the weight room?