Alwyn Cosgrove: Basic Movements and Program Design

Are you making program design too complicated? Start with basic movements and see if they make the difference your client wants.

A program is a delivery system of everything you know. I don’t care how smart you are until I see the exercise program on paper and I watch this client get in shape—or not.

When clients get in shape, trainers will say, “That was my work.” When they don’t get in shape, they’ll say, “She didn’t follow my advice.”

Folks, it’s all you. It’s 100% your responsibility.

I don’t care if you do movement pattern splits, body part splits or a workout of the day. For the purposes of this, I want us to think in terms of—what core exercises will you do with this client? Will you do any power training?

I broke the strength exercises down into basic movements—squat, single-leg stance, lunge, hinge, push, pull and twist. That’s everything the human body can do. We’re just going to train these—squat, single-leg stance, lunge, hinge, push, pull and twist.

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