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Thomas Plummer: The Immutable Laws of Money and Coaching, Part 2

More wisdom and guidance on how to make it as a trainer. Thomas Plummer presents the Laws of Money and Coaching: Personal, ethical and business guidelines ...

Thomas Plummer: The Immutable Laws of Money and Coaching

Want to last as a trainer? Thomas Plummer presents the Laws of Money and Coaching: Personal, ethical and business guidelines that it pays to heed.

Thomas Plummer: Fitness Professionals Only Have Two Speeds

Fitness professionals only have two speeds in their internal motors: full on, flat out and all in, or destroyed on the couch, drooling like an old bulldog, and often not smelling much b...

Taylor Lewis: Communication — The Missing Key Between Performance and Rehab

Why is it so hard to bridge the gap between rehab and performance? Taylor Lewis proposes a few methods to improve communication between exercise specialists and the doctors, nurses, phy...

Thomas Plummer: It Comes Down to Program Design

Don’t limit your business with the product you offer. Thomas Plummer shares his knowledge of how layered pricing can benefit your facility and help you with program design by properly...

Robert Linkul: Three Things I Learned Training Older Adults

Robert Linkul continues his series on training older adults. Part Two focuses on what he has learned from his lifetime clients: Three points that will help you gain and keep your own "L...

Thomas Plummer: Does Your Training Business have an Exit Plan?

The training business is a tough one to get into. You know that . . . but when the time comes, how are you going to get out of it?

Robert Linkul: The Phobias of Training Older Adults

If you’re afraid of training older clients, you aren’t just missing out on a large business demographic. You’re not helping some of the clients who need you the most.

Chris Holder: Achieving Training Goals — The Devil is in the Details

We all want to leave the gym better than when we arrived, but all too often, poor technique, misguided programming and inefficiency set us up to miss our training goals, and even worse,...

Robert Linkul: Why Do We Fight Referrals?

Referrals ensure you new business, long-term clients and a stable career, but don’t just assume they’ll happen. Robert Linkul tells you how he cultivates his clients.

Dan John: ‘Get Back Up’ Drill for Older Clients

Thousands of Americans die every year from falls and fall-related injuries. The right exercises for your older clients can help prevent falls and Dan John’s Get Back Ups may be the ke...


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