Thom Plummer: Building a Successful Fitness Business

When you combine Dave’s 55-year history haunting various gyms around the world with his unusual insight into training flow to design a bodybuilding gym, the resulting space has all the allure of a ’60s Dungeon, only clean, open and light, with everything you need, right where you need it.

Unfortunately, even in the ’90s that wasn’t enough to build a successful business. Today, as most busy adults have moved away from the bodybuilding mindset, it’s even less likely to last out the first few years.

By the time we met Thom Plummer in the fall of 1994, he’d been studying successful fitness businesses for 15 years, and we’d been struggling with a failing one for five. Thom spent that San Francisco weekend destroying everything we thought we knew about the gym business, Dave with his legitimate study of gyms but not of business, and me with my cocky whatever.

Saturday night I was crushed with depression, crying in a hotel room overlooking Fisherman’s Wharf. I instantly knew he was right, but since just about everything we’d done was wrong, I had no idea where we’d start, and how we’d have the energy for it all. Those five years had wiped us out in all the important ways. We didn’t have much of anything left.

But by the time Thom wrapped things up Sunday evening, he’d given us a step-by-step plan, along with the inspiration to get back to work on Monday. Things went better for us from that day forward; one of our gyms went on to serve people for another 18 years, and the other is still going strong.

There hasn’t been a single time in the past 20 years as people asked me a question about building a gym, when I haven’t give the emphatic instruction to get to a Thom Plummer workshop BEFORE making another move.

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Working with Thom comes first so you don’t have to rebuild everything the way we did. It’s the wrong move to spend all your money and bursting energy on your bullheaded ideas without first finding out what will actually work. And this is what Thom has spent his life learning. That’s what he teaches.

The business of fitness has changed a lot since that milestone San Francisco weekend. Thom’s been watching successes and failures, and has been guiding gym business owners through all the changes. I’m so thrilled to have been asked to be a part of sharing some of this with you. Let Thom help you make a success of your business.

How the money part works… matters.

 “Anyone can build a gym: A space and a pile of equipment, mirrors and a desk. Hello—Try our two-for-one special, this week only. Very few can build a gym business, manage it and make it flourish. Thomas Plummer can, and he will tell you how and without fail or failure.”
~Dave Draper, Mr. America, Mr. World. Mr. Universe

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