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from Thom Plummer: The Business of Training

Thom Plummer: The number one thing I look for when I hire a head trainer is that you have the ability to translate it into cash. Do you have the ability to sell training to a large number of people? I’m going to give you the business model we recommend; the business model the Cosgrove’s use and that Rick Mayo uses in Atlanta. We use it in hundreds and hundreds of places around the world.

I’m going to give you the business model today that we use to sustain those gyms, but if you work for somebody else, you have to understand your goal is to generate income for that business. That makes you valuable—not the training, but your ability to create a system that will enhance my business.

What is this? This is the evolution of fitness. This is the product we’re turning out. This is something you have to understand in business. We turn out a product. We turn out a widget.

What was the product in 1995? It was big. What was the goal? Get them big. If you couldn’t get them big, give them drugs and get them really big.

What was our goal in 1995? The widget—the philosophy—is so important to understand.

This is why most of the massive national chains and even the international chains are failing; their philosophy is based on what? Then, they built the gym around the philosophy.

What is that philosophy? The gym was the hobby. You went to the gym two hours a day four days a week because that was the hobby. It wasn’t golf. It wasn’t surfing. It wasn’t bicycling. It wasn’t your family. You went to the gym because it was the destination.

The big evolution you have to understand. When I give you the business system, this will make more sense.

The evolution is that these people don’t go to the gym to get ripped. They go to the gym because you’re going to make something else in their life better. You have to turn them and burn them in 30, 40 or 50 minutes. They’re not going to be there four hours. They don’t want to be.

Their hobby is not the gym.

Their hobby is life and all of the fitness stuff just helps them to be better out there, so our product, this time, is lifestyle enhancement. What we sell as a widget is lifestyle enhancement—not bodybuilding for the sake of getting huge.

That has changed.

More tips on how you can change with the business can be found in Thom’s The Training Business

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