Where’s my download?

Your digital files are available in your Download Dashboard. You’ll have to log in using the email address you used during checkout to access the files attached to your account history. The most common problem we see with missing digital files or orders is that people accidentally use a second email address. This means two accounts are created… so there are two dashboards showing different order information.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, it will be available wherever your normal downloads are found. Usually they’ll be in a folder called “Downloads,” but once in a while it will go to wherever you downloaded the last time. Occasionally downloads go to the Documents folder. Browsers often have a quick link to the download folder—test that using CTRL+J.

If you still can’t find the file, the easiest way to remedy that is to redownload using a right click (control click on a Mac) to “save file as” and tell the file where to go.