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The Truth About Most Fat Loss Workouts And Diets


The way you’ve been doing your fat-loss workouts and diet has been making it harder and more complicated to lose weight.

You see, virtually everything you see and hear – in the media, in the fitness industry – is setting you up to have a harder time losing fat.

The way they talk about fat loss makes it harder.

The kinds of workouts they make you do are designed to make it harder.

And the kinds of diets you are taught to think are cool and trendy are all really hard.

The problem with these kinds of hard diets and hard workouts is that most of them just aren’t very effective at helping you lose fat in the long term.

They may help you make some progress in the short term. But more often than not, they are too difficult to sustain, and cause you to burn out, give up and put back all they weight you lost on the program.

But there is another way.

An easier way. A more sustainable way. A more effective way.

That’s exactly what Josh Hillis and Dan John will give you in Fat Loss Happens on Monday.

With decades of experience of coaching others, they’ll give you a clear, simple and doable roadmap to strip away the fat – and more importantly, keep it off.

What People Are Saying


“Josh and I met in person for the first time at a gathering of fitness professionals in Florida. That night at dinner was like we had known each other forever—Josh just plopped down and we started talking. His enthusiasm and passion for fitness was so clear and we connected immediately.

“Josh really gets that everyone has the same struggles, because food and diet and exercise and bodies and self esteem— it’s all messy stuff. And that’s where he and I really connect, that we want to help people. We want to give people freedom from some of these struggles.

“It’s the clarity of Josh’s writing and Josh’s deep desire to help people that made me want to be involved in this project.

“How much he cares comes through in all of his writing.

“Josh is awesome, and I love the way he writes. The reason his ideas make a difference for people is because his plan is clear, and it’s not fancy wizardry. Josh meets people where they are, and leads them by the hand—“Let’s put one foot in front of the other and walk forward, and it’s okay to freak out, and we’re going to keep going.”

“Fat Loss Happens on Monday is a book that’s going to lovingly hold your feet to the fire. You’re asking for results, and you’re going to get a realistic and manageable plan, wrapped up in eleven food habits to help you toward your goal. You’ll also get great workouts..

“The path is very clear. And it lets you know you can do it, and here’s how. It’s caring and it’s hopeful. I really believe if you follow the Fat Loss Happens on Monday program and implement the habits, you’ll get results and you can be your own superstar.”

Valerie Waters
Celebrity trainer to Hollywood A-listers
Clients include Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Cindy Crawford, Reese Witherspoon, and many more.


What’s Inside Fat Loss Happens On Monday


Fat Loss Essentials

Even in a world filled with a million and one diets, and “workouts” promising to help you lose fat – it’s hard to find the simple facts of what it really takes to lose fat and get the body you want.

Josh and Dan dispel all the myths, and show you the basic principles and essentials of effective, and sustainable fat loss. Here are some of the ‘fat-loss essentials’ that Dan and Josh will teach you:

  • The eleven habits of people who successfully get, and stay lean. pg.31
  • How to make a fat-loss program that works long term using the 18-week, six-phase Pull Your Weight program. pgs.115-119.
  • The two most important ‘workouts’ you can do for fat loss each week. pg.27
  • The three things that are worth putting time into if you want to win the fat-loss battle. pg.42
  • 5 steps to building a fat-loss meal (the exact opposite of how most people plan meals). pg.53
  • How much protein you should start with when you first start changing your diet pg.33
  • What to add to your meals if you normally feel hungry afterwards pg.33
  • How to shift calorie balance to help trigger fat loss. pg.53
  • How popular diets like Atkins, ketogenic diets, and The Zone Diet work. pg.19
  • The 6 unique habit strategies to suit your different needs at different times, and stop you from stalling. pg.32
  • Which of the six strategies you should use if:
  • You are just starting out. See pg.32-33
  • Planning is a challenge. See pg.34-35
  • Certain meals are challenging. See pg.35-37
  • You feel hungry all the time pg. See 37-38
  • Relationship with food is challenging. See pg.38-41
  • You’ve hit your fat-loss goals. pg.41-42
  • Carbs you should cut out completely, carbs you should avoid, and carbs you should limit yourself to if you are being really strict with your diet. pg.63
  • How to tell whether your fat-loss problem is your food, or your workout. pg106
  • Eight movements that really lend themselves to home workouts and are very effective for fat-loss. pg.105
  • Your fat-loss shopping plan on pg.311-13. What to buy every month, what to buy every week, and what to buy midweek.
  • For women who strength train: Why your friends will think you are lighter than you actually are. pg.77
  • The mistake that the most motivated, most driven clients make that hurts their fat loss progress. pg.74
  • One crucial thing, that if you don’t get enough of, will make you crave sugar and starch. pg.32
  • How much protein you need to maintain muscle during a fat loss program. pg.52
  • 3 healthy, quick and easy foods you should always have on hand. pg.54
  • How vegetarians should plan their meals. pg.54
  • How much protein vegetarian athletes need to eat, according to the American Council on Sports Medicine. pg.54
  • The cheap, processed, ‘vegetarian fast food’ you should stay away from. pg.55
  • The absolute minimum number of calories per day for men and women, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. pg.58
  • The two different (and completely opposite) ways that people who are fat and out of shape, and people who are in shape – speak to themselves. pg.27
  • The three dietary elements Dan was told to focus on at the Olympic Training Center. p.22
  • The crazy diet that one of Dan’s girlfriends did that made her lose seven pounds in the first three days… only to make her put back on nine on day five. p.22
  • Whether or not you should worry about eating six meals a day. p.19
  • Should you avoid certain types of food groups at night? p.19
  • Are you a ‘carb type’, ‘fat type’, or ‘mixed type’? Ask yourself these three questions on pg. 19 and tweak your diet for easier results.
  • Can you get lean on a higher carb diet? p.19
  • Are ‘cheat meals’ or ‘cheat days’ better for fat loss? pg.59
  • What and how you’re allowed to eat on cheat days. pg.60
  • What and how to eat on your cheat day to jumpstart your metabolism (good for people who have dieted really hard and had their metabolism crash). pg.60-61
  • Common ‘cheat meal’ and ‘cheat day’ mistakes (and how to do it right and be happier for it). pg.61
  • ‘Snack plates’ that are healthy, handy, and only take two minutes to prepare. pg.62
  • Eating out? Three common restaurant options you can order without ruining your fat-loss progress. pg.62
  • What to say when a family member or friend offers you junk like pizza or cake. pg.62
  • The simple tool you can use to help avoid cheating on your diet plan. pg.63
  • The World’s Easiest Monday Food Plan: Women see pg. 67, Men – see pg. 68. (Dinner is the only meal which will require actual cooking)


Staying On Track

Half of the fat loss battle is sticking with your plan. Having had decades of experience training themselves and hundreds of other people, Josh and Dan know the strategies, and techniques you need to keep stripping away the fat no matter what happens in life.

Here is just some of what they’ll show you: 

  • A 3 question assessment to use if you hit a plateau that sticks for longer than two weeks. pg.28
  • The two essential things if you are really, really short on time and can only squeeze in two workouts a week.
  • How to tell if you’re not getting enough protein. pg.53
  • John Berardi’s powerful ‘Compliance Grid’ strategy for improving fat-loss habits. pg.59 
  • What to do if you’re running on two hours sleep, have a bad day at work, and feel like total crap. pg.198
  • Checking your fat loss progress: Which measurements to take and how often. pg.65
  • What day to do your food preparation on. pg.67
  • How to measure your bodyfat percentage by measuring skinfolds at four different sites. pg.79
  • How often you should take body measurements. pg 79
  • Two things that can make you measure ‘fatter’ than you actually are. pg.79
  • What body fat percentage women start to get major compliments at. pg.83
  • How much fat you should be losing every month if everything is perfect. And how to know if something is going wrong. pg.79
  • Why you don’t look hot even if your scale weight is low. pg.78
  • Why you shouldn’t measure at the waist. And which site to measure to get a better idea of your fat loss progress. pg.80
  • How to use the three measurements to tell if you’re gaining muscle and losing fat. pg.80
  • One of the most accurate bodyfat measurement methods. pg.81
  • Can electronic impedance scales accurately measure your body fat percentage? Answer on pg.81
  • What bodyfat percentages mean: How to know when you are lean enough. pg.82
  • An e-mail Josh wrote to a client who was concerned about how being obsessed with body image might impact her kids. pg.39-41
  • One of the quickest and easiest ways to feeling good about your body. pg. 41
  • 9 ‘games’ you can play to to develop your planning habits. pg. 43
  • 13 foods you can try cooking with (including some that great when you are feeling lazy). pg.44


Your Fat Loss Training & Workout Guide

You can harm or even reverse your fat loss progress if you don’t know how to train for fat loss properly. That’s why Josh and Dan have put together a unique 18-week Pull Your Weight fat loss training program. Use it together with the nutrition system that Josh and Dan teach you, and you’re guaranteed to lose fat, fast.

Here’s what you’ll get in the book:

  • How to do all the exercises in the programs: 60 lower body, upper body, and total body exercises fully illustrated and explained. Learn how to do them on pg.237-310
  • How long effective fat loss workouts should go for. pg.202
  • Why many people don’t respond well to the workouts they’ve been doing, and why this same thing also makes them store more fat. pg.104
  • 10 step pushup progression that will take you from doing pushup on your knees, to doing archer push ups, and pushups with a weighted vest. pg.122
  • Can’t do a single pull-up? 10 step pull-up progression that starts with hanging on a pull-up bar, and will take you all the way to a full pull-up and beyond. pg.122
  • 13 step single-leg deadlift progression for men and women. pg.123
  • Two exercises you need to master first if you can’t do a barbell deadlift. pg.124
  • 9 step military press progression. pg.124
  • 8 step progression for the two-kettlebell swing. pg.125
  • 17 step lunge and split-squat progression that will take you from doing a bodyweight squat, to doing pistol squats holding a kettlebell. pg.125-126
  • How to keep progressing at the kettlebell squat, even if you work your way past the kettlebells you own. pg.127
  • Strengthen your core in every direction: 4 step progressions for the plank and side plank. pg.127 
  • How to alter a program if:
  • Pushups hurt your wrist. See the six options on pg.193-194
  • Kettlebell military presses don’t work for your shoulders. Use the easy equipment fix or bodyweight alternative – both on pg.194
  • You’re having problems with barbell deadlifts. Try the drills and exercises suggested on pg.196, or substitute it with this exercise on pg.197
  • A classic Russian military overhead kettlebell pressing progression that allowed them to make the only issued 53-pound kettlebell weight – feel heavier or lighter. pg.140
  • The two kettlebell weights suitable for 90% of women. p.108
  • How to reach your deadlift standard without using a barbell (good for those working out at home without a barbell). pg.108
  • Double progressions that help you handle the big weight jumps between kettlebell sizes. (E.g. the 50% jump between a 8kg and 12kg kettlebell) pg.185
  • The best way to add resistance to bodyweight exercises like pushups, pull-ups, and lunges. (You should do this if you’re in the kind of shape where archer pushups are easy). pg.150
  • How to work in corrective exercises into the program to help you move better while you get stronger. pg.195.

Rapid Fat Loss Strategies

Josh & Dan's 18-week Pull Your Weight program is designed to help you lose fat with workouts that challenge, but don’t over tax your body.

However, they both realise that there are times which require a more aggressive approach. You may have a wedding, anniversary, reunion, photoshoot, or other important event coming up where you need to ditch the fat quickly.

If that’s you, Josh and Dan have you covered. 

  • What Josh will do with a client who has a really important goal coming up – like high school reunion, or wedding – but hasn’t lost weight for two weeks. pg.28
  • Possibly, the most effective short-term fat loss workout method (Used in the Bring It! program and perfect for those who need to lose fat, fast – for weddings, vacations, reunions, and other important events). The answer on pg.201, and the workouts on pg.206-217 
  • A second 8-week Bring It! program you can use back-to-back with the first, or at a different time at the year. pg.219-232


Advanced Fat Loss Strategies

Once you start stripping away fat, and dialling in great habits, Josh will show you some more advanced tricks and strategies to get to that next level of lean:

  • How lean you should be, and what habits you should have already dialled down before you are qualified to start advanced fat loss strategies. pg.71
  • How advanced celebrity trainer Valerie Water gets with nutrition with her Hollywood clients who need to get in perfect shape for movies and for the red carpet. pg.203
  • 20 approved modes of interval training. pg.192 
  • For intermediate to advanced trainees: how to get even better at fat loss and continue to get results for longer using this training phase on pg.158
  • One thing that quickens your metabolism makes it easier to stay lean and hot. p.103
  • The biggest mistake most people make when they do a refeed. pg.74 
  • The type of person that typically needs a refeed. pg.75
  • How to use advanced carb cycling strategies to break through plateaus and get to the next level of leanness. pg. 72
  • How many grams of carbs you should eat on low or ‘no carb’ days. pg.72
  • How many grams of carbs you should eat on a high carb day. pg.72
  • Three carb-cyling templates: basic, aggressive and relaxed. How many no carb, and high carb days per week in each, and how to structure them. pg.73
  • The best way to arrange cheat meals in a carb cycling scheme. pg.73
  • Which days to put hard workouts on when carb cycling. pg.73
  • For Advanced Dieters: Should you bother trying to source foods that are local and in-season? pg.44


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