Gray Cook This is an excerpt from The Business of Movement Learning a new movement skill is difficult. Anyone who’s worked with athletes or skilled...

The Patterns of Global Movement

Gray Cook: In a field without shared why statements, we’ve been incorrectly looking at the basics of movement, and to a larger scale, health, fitness, and skill.

Gray Cook: Foreword to The Business of Movement

Gray Cook introduces us to the concept of his new book, The Business of Movement

Mike Boyle Brendon Rearick

Mike Boyle: Foreword to Coaching Rules

Mike Boyle tells Brendon Rearick's story

Josh Hillis: Which of My Books Will Work for You?

Which Josh Hillis book is right for you? Josh explains

Robert Linkul Trainers’ Webinar

Robert Linkul, an expert on training the older adult, presents a free webinar demonstrating five functional strength lifts. Signup details below

Brendon Rearick: Mental Toughness

Want to help yourself and others build mental toughness? Brendon Rearick describes the first steps.

Brendon Rearick

Introduction to Coaching Rules

In this introduction to Coaching Rules, Brendon Rearick explains the thinking behind his comment, "If I’ve learned anything about coaching, it’s that what you think is going to work...

Glimpse in the rear view page spread

Foreword to Dave Draper’s A Glimpse in the Rear View

Dan John's foreword to Dave Draper's new book, A Glimpse in the Rear View

Greg Dea: The Top Six Ways to Get Better Buy-In from Your Athletes

Successful coaching depends on the behaviors of the athletes. Greg Dea describes his process for gaining athlete buy-in.

Dan John Attempts

Show Up

Dan John on what it means to show up