Dan John knowing what to measure

Dan John: Knowing What to Measure Simplifies Life

Excerpted from Dan John's new book: Knowing What to Measure Simplifies Life. And...the problem with conventional wisdom is that there is no measurement.

Dan John Now What

Dan John: Three Secrets of Performance

Dan John spills his three secrets of performance and plays a language game to ensure that your clients are truly understanding what you tell them.

Lee Burton: The FMS is the Entry Point

Lee Burton uses the FMS Performance Pyramid to demonstrate how the Functional Movement Screen and the SFMA work together to screen movement and further assess it when pain is present.

Dan John Wandering Weights

Dan John: Wandering Weights, Issue # 123

Dan John's Wandering Weights, Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 123

Dan John Now What book

Dan John Now What? Introduction

In this short introduction excerpt, Dan John describes his focus for his new book, Now What?

Chris Holder: Mentoring Young Coaches

Chris Holder speaks from experience as he explains the how to (and how not to) do your job mentoring young coaches into successful coaches.

Stuart McGill: Can Movement Quality Predict Future Injuries?

Stuart McGill discusses injury prediction, movement quality and why you should pay attention to the many variables in the studies that you read. Is it really saying what you think it’...

Dan John Wandering Weights

Dan John: Wandering Weights, Issue # 122

Dan John's Wandering Weights, Our Epic Journey through All Things Heavy, Issue # 122

Gray Cook and Dan John coach loaded carries

Loaded Carries—The Cook Drill Kettlebell Carries

In this segment from Gray Cook and Dan John's Essentials of Coaching Functional Continuums video, we learn how they coach loaded carries in three positions.

How to Coach a Bigger Deadlift

Get more from the deadlift: Here are tips from Gray Cook, Dan John, Mike Boyle and other masters that will help you coach your clients to bigger numbers and better form on this multi-ta...

Adam Wolf: Hip Motion in Gait

Adam Wolf gives a quick assessment of hip motion in gait, using the pelvis and femur as reference points for bone-to-bone and side-to-side comparisons.


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