Movement: The Hinge to Health? by Greg Dea

Can exercise actually extend or even save your life? Or is your family’s short-term and long-term health already set in your genes? Greg Dea is here with...

On Essays

On Essays, and excerpt from Dan John's book, Attempts

Bombs Away

In which Dave tells a memorable story about an ordinary day

Perfectionism, Excellence, Self-Kindness, and Self-Compassion

Josh Hillis discusses variations of perfectionism vs excellence, and specifically, how it related to nutrition

The 3-Speed Approach to Faster Running and Better Health

In this follow-up to Greg Dea and Mitch Rowe's initial running program, here they take us a step further using their three-speed approach

Running from Emotions

Many women raise their hands and identify emotional eating as a predicament that’s blocking their weight-loss progress. In this excerpt from their new book, Georgie Fear and K. Aleish...

Internalized Smallness

In this discussion of diet culture and body image, authors Georgie Fear and K. Aleisha Fetters set up the scene for their new book, Give Yourself MORE

Georgie Fear Aleisha Fetters

Running on Less and Why Weight “Loss” Doesn’t Work

In this introduction of their new book, Give Yourself MORE, George Fear and K. Aleisha Fetters describe why dieting doesn't work...and what they teach about how to actually lose weight.

Dan John: Wandering Weights, Issue # 287

Dan John's Wandering Weights: Our Epic Journey Through All Things Heavy, Issue # 287

taylor lewis rib atriculation

Rib Articulation Significance in Thoracic Spine Mobility

Taylor Lewis explains rib articulation to show how we can improve thoracic mobility by focusing on ribcage mobility.

Behind the Smile

In which Dave gives us a glimpse behind the scene of a magazine beach photoshoot