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Chuck Wolf: Periodized Program Hybrid Models

Chuck Wolf discusses adding movement variability to the phases of a comprehensive periodized program.

the-system periodization book

Johnny Parker, Al Miller & Rob Panariello

In The System, the authors lay the foundation for a scientifically based, field-tested, and effective system of training using periodization with sport athletes for both strength and co...


Sample PDF of Thomas Plummer’s The Soul of a Trainer

Since it’s nice to see a sample of the interior when deciding if a book is a good fit, we pulled together a sample pdf of the first section of Thomas Plummer’s new book to give ...

Sample PDF of Sue Falsone’s Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance

Since it’s nice to see a sample of the interior when deciding if a book is a good fit, we pulled together a sample pdf of a section of Chapter One of Sue Falsone’s new book to g...

Mike Prevost: Ruck Training Programs – PART 1

Interested in the potential offered by ruck training? Because of its history as a means of military conveyance, there’s plenty of information out there on rucking. Mike Prevost sorts ...

Chuck Wolf foot assessment

Chuck Wolf: Insights into the Foot

Do you check the range of motion of the great toe and metatarsals of your clients? This is often overlooked and has great implications for biomechanical compensations.

Sample PDF of Chuck Wolf’s Insights into Functional Training book

Flipping through the pages of a book helps us discover if a book is a good fit for our current needs. To help with that, here's a sample pdf of Chuck Wolf's Insights into Functional Tra...

Chuck Wolf big movement rocks

Chuck Wolf: The Big Movement Rocks

Chuck Wolf explains how efficient motion of the "big movement rocks" improves efficiency of motion and reduces the risk of injury.

Dan John: Knowing What to Measure Simplifies Life

Excerpted from Dan John's new book: Knowing What to Measure Simplifies Life. And...the problem with conventional wisdom is that there is no measurement.

Dan John Now What book

Dan John Now What? Introduction

In this short introduction excerpt, Dan John describes his focus for his new book, Now What?

Troubleshooting Your Protein Shake

Stella’s Kitchen: Creative Cooking for Fun, Flavor and a Lean, Strong Body Stella Juarez, Troubleshooting the Protein Shake Excerpt We’ve all got our own quirky tastes and t...