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Dan John bulking program

Mass Made Simple

In this excerpt from Mass Made Simple, Dan John explains his favorite and perhaps most important instruction.

Dick Tyler Golden Era

Musclebuilding is as Old as the Hills

Dave Draper sets the stage of the history of lifting when bodybuilding neared critical mass, swirled in its energy and attracted its grand external source of power: the spectators.

Dan John Can You Go book excerpt

Dan John Can You Go? Chapter One Excerpt

This is an excerpt, Chapter One covering the assessment of an athlete, from Dan John's book Can You Go?

Dan John’s Secrets of the Toolkit

From Dan John's Intervention, remember the toolkit and put the following to memory.

Before We Go, Dan John

Dan John: Four Ways to Fire Up Work Capacity

by Dan John Work capacity is that ability to perform work, which determines your level of fitness that will, in turn, determine your level of preparedness. It’s an issue for people i...

The FMS Movement Principles

Gray Cook Movement Principles

After Gray Cook wrote his book Movement, he decided to expand on the short descriptions of the movement principles found in the book. He’s been lecturing on these principles ever ...

Dan John Intervention Excerpts and Clips

Clip from the Intervention video: This is an excerpt from the Intervention audio book: This is the kindle sample from the Intervention ebook. Please enjoy Intervention, Chapter 21: Th...

Josh Hillis Fat Loss Happens on Monday

Fat Loss Happens on Monday: The Hard Talk (book excerpt)

THE HARD TALK Excerpt from Fat Loss Happens on Monday, Chapter 4 by Josh Hillis It’s time for us to have the hard talk. Now, I get a little nervous every time I have this talk, becaus...

You’ve heard of Dan John’s Quadrants idea, but what’s he talking about?

I was recently asked what I thought my greatest contribution to the philosophy of strength and conditioning would be. I think I could offer the Goblet Squat, the Bulgarian GoatBag Swi...

West Coast Bodybuilding Scene: Afterword

West Coast Bodybuilding Scene: Golden Era Bodybuilding Dick Tyler, Afterword 1965 Mr. America For some reason I decided to go to a movie, a Saturday matinee. The theater was packed with...

From the Gripper to the Dungeon

Dave Draper Time appears to be a cool character: unchanging, forever on the go, showing no favoritism. Yet time, upon which I never impose gender, is healing. Time forgives. My life inc...