Craig Liebenson: Assessment, Analyzation and Prioritization

For Craig Liebenson, assessment is about efficiency. Expect to get results, and don’t be surprised by them when you get them.

We want to be able to analyze and prioritize, not just to assess, correct and reassess. Assess, then analyze and prioritize.

Analyze and prioritize, what does that mean to Gray Cook? That’s the guts of it. That’s what separates the great ones because once we’ve stepped beyond and thought outside the box, our corrective measures truly are one-shot, one-kill.

We develop efficiency and aren’t just throwing everything at it. We can expect to get results and we won’t be surprised by the results.

That’s an amazing shift for us.

This ability—this power—is an amazing thing. You all know it because most of you have it. Most of you know when people see you, they think you’re a magician.

“How did you do that? I’ve seen 20 other people and nobody was able to activate my glutes. I have never felt my glutes or every time I felt my core, I felt my back the next day. You got me to feel my abdominal wall and my back felt fine.”

That’s what makes you a difference-maker and you become a benchmark. It’s a huge thing to be able to predict the future.

Want to learn about differing viewpoints . . . that agree of the vital importance of proper assessment?
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