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Craig Liebenson: Assessment, Analyzation and Prioritization

For Craig Liebenson, assessment is about efficiency. Expect to get results, and don’t be surprised by them when you get them.

Kathy Dooley: Functional Anatomy for All Disciplines

Need an anatomy refresher? Kathy Dooley proposes body painting as a new and powerful way to continue your functional anatomy education.

Gray Cook: Dysfunction Red Flags

Is there a movement issue limiting your patient’s recovery or your client’s training? Gray Cook discusses the dysfunction red flags that may help lead you to the weak link.

Gray Cook: Movement Minimums

Gray Cook explains how managing movement minimums gets to the root of movement problems and gets your clients closer to their goals.

Gray Cook speaking at Stanford University

Gray Cook: Function or Dysfunction

Gray Cook gives his 'why' statement on catching dysfunction. What’s the point of exercise if some capacity or competency isn’t going to improve?

Gray Cook: Movement and Environment

Gray Cook describes the interplay between movement and environment and stresses why it must be scaled correctly for authentic development.

Applying the Model DVD Video Clips

From Gray Cook’s Applying the Model, 4-disc DVD set This workshop was filmed with four cameras to become comprehensive a 4-disc DVD set that will fill in the blanks and answer you...

Movement Excerpt: Self-Limiting Exercise

Movement: Functional Movement Systems Gray Cook, Excerpt on Self-Limiting Exercise Self-limiting exercises make us think, and even make us feel more connected to exercise and to movemen...

Gray Cook’s Movement Principles

Movement: Functional Movement Systems Gray Cook, Chapter 15, Movement Principles This is part 10, the final piece of a 10-part series in which Gray further develops the 10 movement prin...


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