Dan John & Chip Conrad: Winning Combination

Dan John: A Systems Approach to Coaching & Training
Chip Conrad: How to Create a Holistic Athlete

What a winning combination!

Without intention, Dan and Chip’s lectures flow together so smoothly, you’ll think they planned this all winter. They successfully weave together Dan’s decades of experience and Chip’s study of physical culture and iron tradition, and come up with a delightful tapestry of thoughtful ideas you’ll ponder, and later use yourself and with your clients and athletes.

As always, this DVD includes a data folder that contains transcripts and audio files of both lectures, plus movementlectures.com audio lectures and excerpts from their recent books, Intervention and Lift with Your Head.

In this live-event lecture, strength coaches Dan John and Chip Conrad give us their newest ideas as they blend tradition and current thinking into substantial training results.

Dan and Chip are accomplished athletes, coaches, teachers and perhaps most importantly…thinkers. As they share what’s on their minds these days, you’ll find yourself stopping the video to ponder how to put this new material to use in your training or with your clients and athletes.

Never fear…they’ve got some ideas on that too.

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