Gray Cook: Feeling Awkward, Intimidated & Disconnected in the Deep Squat

Your squat can’t grow if you can’t do it. Why squat with load, stress or repetition if you already feel awkward, disconnected and intimidated with bodyweight? For Gray Cook, that’s a red flag.

There was a time when people who were bad squatters got more weight and did more repetitions.

More opportunities to squat with compensation, substitution and dysfunction gets you more what?

If you screened them, what would have been some things you noticed when you saw them squat bodyweight? Would they have felt awkward, disconnected and intimidated?

If you don’t have a full deep squat and we put your arms overhead, line up your feet and make that squat a little harder, what are three things you’re going to feel in a squatting pattern? Awkward? Disconnected? Intimidated?

Why would we want to do any of these patterns with load, stress or repetition if on a bodyweight move you already feel awkward, disconnected and intimidated? That’s a red flag because you can’t learn in that pattern.

How many of you are uptaking the sensory rich environment when you’re awkward, disconnected and intimidated? I want to know every movement pattern where you feel that way because I’m going to try to change the way you feel before I load that pattern.

We have to almost come out of ourselves when we program somebody. We need to put ourselves into understanding and knowing all the places where they won’t grow.

Your squat can’t grow if you can’t do it. Once you can do a squat, you may be horribly weak, inefficient and quickly get smoked, but your alignment is good. All I’m dealing with are the parameters of frequency, intensity and duration.

The quality issue has been taken off the table—not perfect quality, but quality that’s below the acceptable cut.

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