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Josh Hillis eating skills

Eating Skills—Josh Hillis

In this excerpt from Josh Hillis's book, Lean and Strong, Josh gives his introduction to eating skills.

Dan John: Do It and Diet

If fat loss happens in the kitchen, what’s the point of all that exercise? Follow Dan John on a journey into diet, exercise and, most important, habit.

Chris Holder: A Fat Guy’s Experience on the Ketogenic Diet

From junk-food-junkie to fat-burning, healthier and more pleasant strength coach; Chris Holder tells the story of his ketogenic diet journey.

Dan John: Two Basic Problems

Dan John gives a positive take on the problems he sees in exercise: From health, longevity, fitness, performance, success, failure and fat loss we can learn a lot about ourselves . . . ...

Josh Hillis: How to Gauge Weight Loss Progress

One of the toughest factors in weight loss is gauging progress; to know what’s working and build momentum. Josh Hillis discusses using a combination of weight, bodyfat and body measur...

Josh Hillis: How Food Really Works in Fat Loss

When it comes to making food work for fat loss, there are only three variables: quantity, quality, and ratios. Here's Josh Hillis to describe what to do with that information.

Josh Hillis: The Fat Loss Happens on Monday Coaching System

Josh Hillis provides details and guidance on coaching for fat loss, including why the habit-based approach of coaching how to eat, instead of what to eat, is so effective.

Josh Hillis 3 Ways to Lose Fat

Josh Hillis: Three Painless Ways to Lose Weight by Cutting Calories, Not Counting Them

We know that it takes reducing calories to lose weight. In fact, if your only goal is to have the scale change, there is literally nothing that matters as much as calories consumed. The...

The Ultimate Guide to Losing Fat [Infographic]

This infographic page provides a simple glimpse of the habits-based fat loss program created by Josh Hillis and Dan John. Use it to decide if this program is right for you, or your clie...