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Dan John: The Hip Movement Continuum

The story of the origin and evolution of Dan John’s Hip Movement (Displacement) Continuum gives you the understanding you need to move powerfully in a mu...

Chris Holder: Achieving Training Goals — The Devil is in the Details

We all want to leave the gym better than when we arrived, but all too often, poor technique, misguided programming and inefficiency set us up to miss our training goals, and even worse,...

Gray Cook: What are Progressions?

What are progressions? How are they part of your training continuum? For Gray Cook, language and communication are vital to accountability.

Mark Cheng: Rob the Forefoot Hip Hinge Drill

Having trouble getting that hip hinge right for lifts and swings? Mark Cheng learned to take away the option of shifting forward. Rob the forefoot and sit back.

Chris Holder: Conditioning for Competition—More Than Just Running

Do all athletes need to run? Chris Holder’s personal experiences playing football led him to look for other conditioning options to better prepare his athletes for competition.

Dan John: Principles of Training for the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) Preparation Program

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.” Dan John gives you the small, but important additions that lead to a successful Russian Kettlebell Certification experience.

Tracy Reifkind: Kettlebell Progressions – The Roundabout

Twice as much work, half as much rest. Tracy Reifkind’s ‘Roundabout’ kettlebell progression can get you there and beyond.

Tracy Reifkind: The Transformative Power of the Kettlebell Swing

Tracy (and Mark) Reifkind detail how kettlebells transformed her body and how those changes inspired her to use kettlebell swings to their full potential.

Tracy Reifkind Kettlebell Swings: Programming the Kettlebell Swing Video Clips

  Programming the Kettlebell Swing: Progressive Swings Tracy Reifkind, as everyone knows, is the go-to gal about progressive swings training. Equal Work to Equal Rest Progressions...